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Are you really ready for the things you think you want, pray about, manifest and dream about? Like that business idea you have been working on, that good, fine, faithful, hardworking man, (yes God accepts those prayers too), or maybe that building you’ve been plotting on so you can expand and yes, the home of your dreams too. We usually want all our heart’s desires to come to us rather quickly, but what are doing to get there? Prayer is one thing, but what about all the work that you must do on your end to make those dreams, goals, and wants your reality!

I am no guru by any means. I cannot give you 5 easy steps to take to own a multimillion business. I just want you to know that any and every goal that you have set for yourself cannot only be achieved but mastered. You must physically write down the plan on paper, or (for my tech savvy friends your notes app works too). Take it one step at a time. Do a few things a day that are strictly for your dream. Do not just jump into something because you see other people doing it on social media, or you see it being shared and liked thousands of times. You know that saying “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Figure out what you want your business to look like, feel like, be like, represent and essentially the overall essence of your business.

Those are a few things you can fit into your daily routine. Things can and will start to shift. We all deserve what our heart desires, but if we are not ready when it comes, we will lose it. Are you ready emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in some cases physically? Are you ready for the highs, the lows, the setbacks, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent? Do you have the tools necessary to make sure if you take a hit you can learn from it, bounce back, and make it better moving forward? Are you willing to unlearn what you think you know; so that you can learn what you need to know? Make sure you are fighting for something you can stand behind. Something worth fighting for. “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies.” Thanks Maroon 5 for the quote, but seriously it comes down to trial and error and figuring it out.

After reading this Are you Ready?

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